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 Charlie Smith About myself - I've lived a lot of places back through the years, which probably feeds my desire to travel whenever I get the chance. As a kid, I lived in Virginia, Missouri, Germany, and France; and back to Virginia for college. Since then, I've been in Columbus Ohio for most of the last 35 years. Hobbies and interests include lots of things - you'll see mention here of travel, motorcycles, cars, computers, work as a volunteer police officer, and lots more. There's also pictures of our critters that think they own the house. If you look at my bookmarks you'll see lots of computer and motorcycle links, and who knows what else!    

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      Halloween Caution         Where's Santa?
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      Animations                     Medical Warning                                 Johnny Cashless
      The End                         Truth about Black Helicopters             Air Horns for all needs
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      Deltran Battery Tender that short circuited and almost caused a fire

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