Air Horns for Every Need


Stebel Compact Air Horns - Compact, and a deal at $38.00
      ADVrider - Stebel Nautilus COMPACT air horn for bikes

Klaxon Signals Ltd   -   Sirens, Bells, Air Horns, and even Hooters

Wolo Horns - a variety of low cost air horns.

Hadley Horns   -   Their Bully Series Kit H00961 EA is in JC Whitney as pn: 14UD9033W $279.99

Grover Truck Horns   -   Request the best on your truck - 148-152 db - everything you need to be heard for miles

Super Loud Train Air Horns

Locomotive Horn Works

ACOUSTI-CLEAN - take the paint off their doors
        needs 40-80 SCFM at 70-90 PSI, using a 3/4" air line.