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About myself - I've worked in the computer field since back in ... let's see ... I guess even before computers were invented.    No ... not really, it just seems that way sometimes.
  Shortly after college found me engaged as a computer programmer, and since then I've been into most facets of the computer field. Somewhere in the middle of the 1990's, I even tried to become a retired computer manager ... I tried.     I guess I'm having too much fun to give it up!
  Computer room
  And speaking of a hobby gone wrong, there's lots of stuff around the house that has to stay plugged in ... the back bedroom runs 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house, there's a local area network that connects the stuff in the back bedroom with the stuff in the living room - some of which you can see here - and the whole mess is connected to the internet. Of course, the monthly phone service bills look like the national debt. There are about a half dozen lines into one of the back bedroom systems, and that's before you start to count the digital lines.
  These web pages are being served by one of the back bedroom systems, which also supports numerous automated mailing lists and other stuff you just can't do without!
Here's traffic statistics for the network.
  The mailing lists include a list for HP Omnibook notebook computers, several local-to-Columbus lists plus several listproc lists that other people administer. There's a joke mailing list, email me to subscribe. The primary system serves as the mail hub for a number of systems that dial in using UUCP for email, most of which are part of the "" domain.
  OpenSolaris: Innovation Matters SETI at Home

  Computer room
Computer History Museum
Mirror of   "The Rough Guide to MBus Modules"   by Mike Spooner
Cray-Cyber Project

HP Omnibook Info and more links
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ssh window to elektro - from your browser
download ssh client for MS windows (putty.exe)
download X11 server for MS windows (Hummingbird Exceed)

Telnet window to elektro - from your browser

SunBlade 1000 Information
APC UPS Control Information

Info about SMS
General SMS directory
Send SMS email to any GSM phone
Send SMS email to USA Verizon phone
Send SMS email to UK BTCellnet phone
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Ericsson T39 + T68 Setup for WAP, GPRS, & Email
Millenium Bug Info
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