Travel photos from here and there

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Pictures of the '06 visit to Paris and Orléans
Charlie Smith
Me at a bookstand 
click to see whole picture 
James, Franco, and Charlie
Dec 97 
Left bank 
speedway Bonneville salt flats
the middle of nowhere Gerlach Nevada  site of Burning Man Blackrock Desert 
Botswana - Kalahari desert
mama and the kids
friendly locals 
Zambesi river
Downstream from Victoria Falls 
Switzerlands Alps
Goddard Pass
Alaska 01 At the Arctic Ocean
Alaska '01 trip
Click for page of pictures
late '60s
The way it used to be

Motorcycle trip from MUNICH to VENICE
A trip to Venice by motorcycle
from Munich. Pictures
by Nick Pettefar

Stairs in Montmartre
below Sacre Coeur
where I broke my leg

Traveling today
There's also pictures of a cruise in early 1999.
A friend enjoying himself ... ?
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